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The second railway line

Currently, the mine "Syderitovaya" on the horizon +480 meters pave the second line of railroad tracks.

New equipment at the mine...

Last week at the mine «Sideritovaya» has been replaced by the power line.


Foreign experience is also useful

This week at the invitation of the R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was visited by guests from Austria, the company ALMO Engineering.


New Products

Sosnowski mine in the Techa River iron ore deposit discovered a new crusher-grader from Kostamuksha. Currently, there is an installation of equipment.


Accelerate up to planned targets

A set of major technical solutions implemented in five months to improve the performance of crushing and sorting complex on Sosnovsky mine Techa iron ore deposit. The work on the improvement crushing technology will continue.

Let's remind, in January 2013 Sosnovsky mine Techa iron ore deposit launch of a new crushing and concentrating plant. For the needs of LLC «Bakalskoe mining plant administration», was assembled a modern high-tech complex with application of high technologies, imported equipment companies Terex, Metso Minerals. For several months at the site of improving the production process. If in the first month after starting work performance of the object was about hundreds of tons per hour, now it is much higher. On average, crushing and sorting complex produces about 200 tons of products per hour, the maximum achieved performance meets planned: 375 tons per hour. To achieve the planned performance was created warehouse averaging. Average ore stable on the content of useful components, moisture, and composition. The initial volume of the warehouse averaging amounted to 127 thousand tons, currently warehouse supplemented by products and is ready to accept to 200 thousand tons of ore.

One of the effective measures to increase performance was the increase of the throughput capacity of the bunker and the feeder №1 DOF. Experimentally set at the optimal aperture size compression crusher: jaw and cone (medium and fine crushing). Optimized speed modes spins of magnetic separators and their capacity. Currently found a technical solution to the problem buildup of ore to the surface feeders and piders: soon the surface of these units will be lined with polystyrene. For efficiency of the production process in the near future will be installed mechanical sampler.

Karina Smolnikova