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The second railway line

Currently, the mine "Syderitovaya" on the horizon +480 meters pave the second line of railroad tracks.

New equipment at the mine...

Last week at the mine «Sideritovaya» has been replaced by the power line.


Foreign experience is also useful

This week at the invitation of the R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was visited by guests from Austria, the company ALMO Engineering.


New Products

Sosnowski mine in the Techa River iron ore deposit discovered a new crusher-grader from Kostamuksha. Currently, there is an installation of equipment.


Touristic and healthcare complex «Chaika»

Touristic and healthcare complex «Chaika»

Touristic and healthcare complex «Chaika» is situated in Sochi town (address: Kurortny prospect, 120) The territory of 12.500square meters is located in touristic part of town, it has complicated terrain and valuable plants all over the place. The territory is improved by public footwalk, rest areas, plantings of rare trees and lawns.

The complex is situated on a treed slope and has a Black seaside view. Separate summer houses are standing on the pillars, and the observer would have a filling that the houses are hovering above the landscape and do not influence natural beauty of the area.

«Chaika» complex project was prepared by a famous Sweden architect Sundell Sundberg, one of the modern expert in architecture and landscape design. He has also projected Madonna’s fitness center, summer house on Gotland island and many other famous objects.
«RIKO» company (Slovenia) is in charge of building process, it has been in business for more than 10 years. The company has a reputation of a professional team, its work is licensed and conducted under all building rules and regulations.

The infrastructure of the territory includes: 3-stored administrative building of 500 square meters, in which the guests will find dining hall for 100-120 people and Banquet hall for 40 people, staff and technical rooms, lounges. The hotel is situated on the 3rd floor. Several separate cottages on the territory of «Chaika» will be also provided for living. As well as gym, swimming pool, SPA and of course the beach.

Above all «Chaika» complex has a great culture and historical significance, as Stalin’s country house is located nearby. The former USSR leader went to the seaside through the territory of modern «Chaika» complex. The resort will be ready to accommodate its guests by the time Olimpic Games in Sochi will be opened in February 2014.