OJSC «Kurgansky engineering factory»

The enterprise is one of the leaders in Russian military industrial sector, the only producer of infantry combat vehicles and their modifications. The plant produces infantry combat vehicles-2 and infantry combat vehicles-3 which are used in regular armies of 28 countries in the world. It also produces armoured maintenance-recovery vehicle and cross-functional chassis based on infantry combat vehicles-3 to create different armament systems.

Kurgansky engineering factory is a large complex, which includes 10 plants and 5 support departments, providing cyclical turnaround: starting from making all kinds of cast bars and stamped blank components till setting up and full-scale test of the finished product.

The factory also produces a wide range of civil goods: small civil engineering machinery, different metallurgical production, oil and gas industry equipment — for fixing external insulation of main oil and gas pipeline in track or steady-state conditions, valves, drilling-crane machines etc.

OJSC «Kurgansky engineering factory» OJSC «Kurgansky engineering factory» OJSC «Kurgansky engineering factory» OJSC «Kurgansky engineering factory»