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The second railway line

Currently, the mine "Syderitovaya" on the horizon +480 meters pave the second line of railroad tracks.

New equipment at the mine...

Last week at the mine «Sideritovaya» has been replaced by the power line.


Foreign experience is also useful

This week at the invitation of the R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was visited by guests from Austria, the company ALMO Engineering.


New Products

Sosnowski mine in the Techa River iron ore deposit discovered a new crusher-grader from Kostamuksha. Currently, there is an installation of equipment.


Running lines for the production of crushed stone

LLC «Bakalskoe mining plant administration» is set to launch several lines for the production of crushed stone. All of them will be located in the Techa Sosnowski mine iron ore deposits.

Certificate for the production of crushed stone from waste iron ore was received on 15 April 2013. These products are widely used in the dumping ground pads for road construction. Thus the cost of rubble is going to be relatively low due to the fact that he made along the way producing basic products — high-quality iron ore with iron content up to 52%, the consumers of which are metallurgical giants of the Chelyabinsk region.

Crushed, manufactured in parallel crushing iron ore will be crushed into four fractions: 0-5 mm, 5-20 mm, 20-70 mm, 70-120 mm. Thus, the production of low-cost rubble four commercial types of road construction will begin in the second half of 2013.

In addition, in June 2013 will received a certificate for the production of high-quality crushed stone of the first category of building stone porfirita, fraction 0-10 mm., 20-70 mm. Porphyritic crushed stone used for the construction of railways, roads, civil construction and concrete production. From this, in particular, make the building blocks, wall panels. Degree first category includes crushed flakiness not more than 15%, cuboid particle shape. «Flakiness» — one of the most important characteristics of the rubble, figures which are strictly accounted for in the production of various construction works. Use a flaky crushed to 15% in the production of concrete compaction provides a more dense, and, in turn, reduces the intergranular voidage of the mixture. This saves on the additional binder component. In addition, the cube-shaped crushed stone is highly durable, which is also economically viable and profitable producers of building materials.