Live better - we can

21 November 2013
To date, virtually all of the mining industry is going through hard times. Read more...

The second railway line

13 November 2013
Currently, the mine "Syderitovaya" on the horizon +480 meters pave the second line of railroad tracks.

New equipment at the mine...

17 October 2013

Last week at the mine «Sideritovaya» has been replaced by the power line.


Foreign experience is also useful

14 October 2013

This week at the invitation of the R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was visited by guests from Austria, the company ALMO Engineering.


New Products

29 September 2013

Sosnowski mine in the Techa River iron ore deposit discovered a new crusher-grader from Kostamuksha. Currently, there is an installation of equipment.


Holding company «Ural»

R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural»

R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was founded in 1989.

The company started its business in industrial and civil engineering — conducted design works and produced constructional material.

Mining industry became a part of the company’s direction of growth in 1993. R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» became a holding group in 1998. During 1999-2001 the holding became one of the shareholders of Bogoslovsky and Bakalsky mining plant administration. Since then «Ural» became an owner or a shareholder of approximately 20enterprises, among which several unique organizations.

R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» today is a successful and rapidly developing enterprise in the Ural region. All manufactures of the conglomerate are working stable and have a perspective for further growth and development.